9 states where Democrats can win back legislative control from Republicans in 2018

This Vox article discusses turning state legislatures blue. Christine's seat will help flip the state senate.


State Democrats Announce the 17 seats Needed to Flip 8 Chambers This Fall

"With Democrats only 17 seats away from flipping eight chambers this November, the DLCC is confident that we can win Democratic majorities from coast to coast and enact policies that will help all Americans.”

According to the DLCC, Christine's race is part of the 17. 


From the classroom to the campaign trail: Emboldened teachers run for office

Campaigning and teaching full time is not easy.  Read the Washington Post article on what pushed Christine to seek a state Senate seat in Arizona.


High school English teacher Christine Marsh runs for Arizona State Senate

Teachers are battling back

Christine tells Warren from KCRW the needle is finally moving in Arizona in public education.


Teachers Went On Strike. They're Now Running For Office

Christine is featured in a Buzzfeed article about teachers running for office:


US teachers are angry- and they’re running for office

Watch Christine share with BBC News about what motivated her candidacy.


Teachers Threaten To Shake Up Red-State Politics

Christine talks to The Intercept about how if we can create a tie in the state senate, not even a majority, everyone at the Capitol will have to negotiate compromises.


Democrats Think They’re Poised For Huge Victories in These 10 States

In a top 10 list featured on Mother Jones, Christine is the reason Arizona Senate is ranked 3rd easiest for Democrats to flip.


Frustrated teachers turn activism into candidacies for local office

Christine talks with ABC News about why she is running for state senate in District 28 and how her race could be “game changer.”