Education and the Economy

Our state’s current education system is the foundation for our future economy, and right now, we are failing our children. This means, of course, that we are failing our future economic stability.

I believe that we, as a state, need to restructure the way in which we fund our public education system – it is simply about changing our priorities. We need to invest in our teachers, require smaller class sizes, and prioritize public neighborhood schools. Our kids deserve better, and as a public school teacher for 25 years, I will be able to take these issues on better than any politician. 

As a state, we need to do a better job of seeing how systems are linked. I believe investing in our kids will ensure the future we want to see, which is a sustainable and diverse economy that competes globally for new jobs in Arizona. The systematic disinvestment in our public schools not only disadvantages our children, but also disadvantages ourselves—through the price we’ll pay for an under educated workforce in the future. 

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