Arizona’s Renewable Energy Industry

            Phoenix Suns, Arizona State Sun-Devils everyone knows that Arizonans have a unique connection with the sun.  Arizona has the potential to be a renewable energy powerhouse but the current state legislature has been a roadblock to achieving it.  Let’s get Arizona on track to lead the nation in solar, wind, and hydro-electric energy production and let’s save taxpayer’s money in the process.  Green, renewable, sustainable energy is projected to be a leading job creator now, and in the future.  Arizona has the knowledge, infra-structure, and now we need the policy direction to lead the nation in this area.  It’s not only good for the environment, but also good for Arizonan’s pocketbooks.  Elect me and I’ll ensure that this important development isn’t overlooked.


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  • commented 2018-01-24 19:31:48 -0800
    Hopefully something can be done at the state level to help reform SRP. I’m quite frustrated right now because I wanted to use solar on my home but must then use SRP’s new solar plan, which appears to be designed to not work with an average family’s daily schedule (power is expensive at the times we’re home and cheap when we’re at work). The kicker for me is that because my area of Phoenix was developed in the 80s, we aren’t even able to vote our 0.25 acres for the SRP board – so we get their rules and rates, but no representation!
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