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Meet the Real Christine

Meet the REAL Christine! 


1. What is the book right now sitting on an office end table or bedroom nightstand you are reading? And why are reading this particular book?

I am reading Democracy In Chains by Nancy Maclean.


2. Do you have a hobby? How’d you get into it?

I read and draw. I started loving to read when I was a small child and my parents would let me stay up as late as I wanted as long as I was reading. I used to read just to stay up late, but somewhere along the line, I started staying up late because I wanted to read. I started drawing at UCLA, because I realized that if I drew, I could pay better attention to lectures. Once I started, I never stopped.


3. Favorite animal at the zoo or on the farm; and why?

Horses are my favorite animal, probably because I wanted to be a jockey when I was a child. (I was a fun kid- I know).


4. What do you consider your first “real job”? And why it?

The first job that I got that wasn’t in my family’s catering business was to exercise a neighbor’s horses. She paid me in chicken eggs, which my father thought was a rip-off, but I just wanted to ride horses and would have done it for free.


5. Do you play any type of musical instrument? How old were you when you first picked it up?



6. An age’s old saying, “You are what you eat.” Begs the question – what’s your favorite meal, or type of ethic fare or just a comfort food you go for when there is time? And is it usually home cooked and if so – do you do the cooking?

My favorite meal is wings. I love the wings from Uncle Sam’s Restaurant, but I’ll eat the frozen kind that you have to heat up and be quite content. Wings are also my comfort food, but so is cereal--especially Captain Crunch.


7. Favorite ice cream flavor and why?

It depends on the day, but Peanutbutter & Chocolate always ranks near the top.


8. What’s it been like living in a glass house? OR – Are you and your family prepared to live in a glass house?

Teachers always live in a bit of a glass house, so I am used to it.


9. Ever run for student office? Did you win or lose? How has that played into your way of campaigning as an adult?

I ran for 7th grade class treasurer (“Get it in order, vote for Porter” was my slogan) and lost. The kid who won was later removed from office for stealing money!


10. Are you a hamburger or cheeseburger person – pickles or no pickles and why?

Cheeseburgers  and pickles all the way! I love flavor--lots of it.


11. How do your neighbors and friends feel about this political race you are engaged in? Are some of them engaged as well?

My friends are all in on this and some of them are at the campaign office a few times a  week.


12. What are your campaign colors and why were those particularly chosen?

Red, white and blue, because, before anything else,  I am first a proud American.


13. Last chance movie you saw and enjoyed before the campaigning began. All-time favorite movie and why?

My all-time favorite movie is As Good as It Gets, because it is, indeed, as good as it gets and because I love that the power of love redeems people in the film.


14. Favorite vacation or vacation spot and why?

Twin Lakes, Iowa, because it’s beautiful, I can waterski, and a lot of my dad’s family lives near by so I get to see family, too.


15. Describe a failure you had in which you’ve experienced a failure that you’ve actually learned something from?

One of my biggest failures is not making it onto the Olympic team for running. I worked for a decade on that goal. However, I do not regret a moment of that effort. Through my efforts to make the Olympics I got a scholarship to UCLA for track, met some of my best friends, learned to respond to pressure (the more pressure the better), and learned my own limitations. I might have made the team if I had been able to put the brakes on myself, but I couldn’t: I’d run until I got injured (serious injuries, like stress fractures). I didn’t realize that sometimes less is more. I know that now, though. So I know two really important things about myself: I rise as the level of pressure as it rises--meaning I don’t crack under pressure--and that I sometimes need to put the brakes on myself because I am driven to the point of self destruction.


16. Do you subscribe to a newspaper or news magazine? If so, do you receive it printed on paper or in digital form?

I subscribe to the Arizona Republic in both print and digital form. I also get Skimmed in digital form.


17. Favorite sport? In life did you participate in it or still do?

My favorite sport is running, and I still run every day. My favorite spectator sports are ice skating, horse racing and gymnastics. I can still do all three, but not very well!


18. Favorite place to visit in your state and why?

My favorite place in the state is the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, because I used to run there with my dad (who has passed away), so I always think of him when I run there now.


19. Favorite Sunday morning news program?

I don’t watch Sunday morning news programs because I go to church and just never got in the habit of taping them, but I used to watch Meet the Press with my dad.